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Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Don’t know what to get for that perfect Valentine’s Gift? How about something that 1. Is perfect for husbands or wives 2. Never goes out of style 3. Has no age limit 4. Has a long-lasting effect 5. Will benefit both you and your spouse 6. Really is “one size fits all” 7. Will change … Continue reading

The Ultimate Definition of Love

Unless you live under a rock or in some far away land where cupid has not yet visited, you know that today is Valentine’s Day.  I know that most bloggers get into blogging because they have something to say, something that no one else can say quite as well or with quite as much feeling. … Continue reading

Let’s Just Eat Chili

I’ve spent the past hour or so reading blogs on Valentine’s Day and have come away with the feeling that very few people want anything to do with the day.  Seems it’s just another day full of expectations that no one can possibly meet, nor for that matter wants to try to meet. Fortunately, it’s … Continue reading

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Anniversary Diamonds Today is Ground Hog’s Day (for what it’s worth), tomorrow is the Super Bowl, and February 14 is Valentine’s Day. No doubt you have already seen and heard commercials for Valentine’s Day gifts that range from a new Blackberry to a giant 8′ teddy bear delivered to your front door. Believe me, guys, … Continue reading