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The Couple that Cooks Together Stays Together

On New Year’s Day we started what I hope will become a New Year’s Day tradition. With this easy Buttermilk Cinnamon Roll recipe from Kendra, my husband and I spent an hour or so mixing, kneading, rolling, cutting, baking, and eating these fantastic cinnamon rolls together. Winter is still upon on us throughout most of … Continue reading

Marriage Monday – You Have My Heart

A special thanks to e-mom for hosting Marriage Monday and for early posting of the topic How to Celebrate February 14 Every Day of the Year. You see, I’m a muller. I might have an idea for a post or a writing, often in the wee hours of the morning when brain activity seems to … Continue reading

10 Ways to Love Your Lover

Looking for ways to show love to your mate? Here are 10 ideas that just might jumpstart your love life tonight. Put the kids to bed early and put a plan into action to save some electricity (this might work best on a night that your spouse’s favorite TV show is not on). Turn off … Continue reading