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Men: Overcoming Visual Temptation, Your Mind

We take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ ~ 2 Corinthians 10:5 In yesterday’s post Men: Overcoming Visual Temptation, The Eyes, we discussed the first perimeter of defense to wage war on sexual impurity: your eyes. In today’s discussion, we look at the second perimenter: your mind. … your objective in the … Continue reading

Men: Overcoming Visual Temptation, The Eyes

Look to the Lord and his strength ~ Psalm 105:4 In yesterday’s post Men: Overcoming Visual Temptation, An Introduction, three “perimeters of defense” were presented in order to wage war on the enemy of visual temptation that leads to sexual impurity. … your objective in the war against lust is to build three perimeters of … Continue reading

What If … You Tried It Just For A Day

If you’ve been around my blog any time at all, you know that the 30 Day Wife and 30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenges have been important to me this year. I see marriages in crisis all around me, and this is my effort to help strengthen those marriages that haven’t gotten to the “Where do … Continue reading

Marriage, Like Home, Should be a Place of Sanctuary

Want this button? I know it’s not Monday, and I had every intention of participating in this month’s Marriage Monday, but Thanksgiving threw me for a loop. This excerpt is from Andrea at Embracing Him.  She did an excellent job of summing up how marriage should be a shelter, a safe-haven, a sanctuary for both husband … Continue reading

Thinking About Divorce? Wait a Year

Thinking about divorce?  Every year of marriage comes with its own set of ups and downs, but studies indicate that years 2, 4, and 7 are critical years that need particular care and attention. On your wedding day, it’s hard to believe that in 1 in 12 marriages ends after just 2 years.  That’s a … Continue reading

15 Minutes to Strengthen Your Marriage

Men, this looks like a Company Girl’s post because of the little coffee cup above, but don’t click away just yet. This post is for both men and women, it just happens to follow an idea Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary proposed earlier this week. In making our homes a sanctuary, Rachel Anne suggested making … Continue reading

Fireproof Movie Review

If you are one of the thousands of people who saw Fireproof when it opened this weekend, you have already formed an opinion about it.  According to Fandango, 436 out of 630 reviews netted it a Must Go status.  (Update: as of 12:30pm on 9/30/08, the Fandango Must Go! reviews are 1966 out of 2288.) Of … Continue reading

When “I’m Sorry” Isn’t Enough

Have you heard the words “I’m sorry” from your mate but feel that it falls short of being all that you wanted or needed as a full apology?  Have you said “I’m sorry” to your mate but feel that he or she hasn’t quite forgiven you or isn’t as certain of your sincerity as you are? Perhaps you or … Continue reading