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The True Meaning of Christmas

This has been a crazy week! In the true spirit of Christmas, take your shoes off, take a deep breath, and sit with me for a minute while we listen closely as Linus tells us, as only Linus can, the true meaning of Christmas. Yours for the celebration of life, Claudia P.S. If you haven’t … Continue reading

Company Girl Coffee – The Real Me

Come on in out of the cold. It’s a frosty morning here in Tennessee. The coffee’s hot, the Christmas music is playing, and I’m glad you’re here. As always, there are lots of things from Home Sanctuary that I could talk about today, but the one that strikes me most is the Real Me post … Continue reading

Collapsible Market Tote Giveaway Extended

While some of you are out fighting the crowds for great Black Friday deals, others of us are enjoying our Home Sanctuary as we work on creative ways to make gifts and/or create memories for those we love. Don’t get me wrong. I have absolutely nothing against buying gifts – my husband and I made … Continue reading

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a Giveaway

  Collapsible Market Tote Giveaway Be sure to read all the way to end for a Collapsible Market Tote giveaway. Ok, I know some of you will skip there and just get in on the giveaway, but humor me anyway and let me think you’ve read at least part of this post.   New Traditions … Continue reading

How Will You Take Back Your Time Even Just for Today?

This week I’ve been posting about busyness in our lives. We haven’t gotten very far into the discussion, but this item in Dr. Les and Leslie Parrot’s article Busyness, The Archenemy of Every Life, in Christian Counseling Today, struck me. It seems that the Governor of Michigan decreed by official proclamation that October 24 would … Continue reading

The Platform is Change

Why is it that we have so much trouble going along with change in our own lives, but we’re willing to vote for change for our entire nation when we have no idea where that change will lead us? And what kind of platform is change anyway? What does that mean to a nation in … Continue reading

Better Together

This was one of those weeks where I couldn’t figure out a way to make my Company Girl Coffee post of much interest to men. While men are more than welcome to read on, the main lesson you might learn from this post is that sometimes women just need to connect with other women. It’s … Continue reading

Corn Chowder and Burrito Filling Simplified

Once again, this is a post for men and women disguised as a Company Girl Coffee post. Actually, all of the ideas for the Company Girl Coffee posts are from Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary.  I just usually try to come up with something that guys can relate to as well. Yesterdays’ theme at Home Sanctuary was … Continue reading

A Life of Doing: Do the Right Thing

Men, don’t be turned off by the Company Girl Coffee logo. This post is for you, too. I just love the internet, and I’ll bet you do, too.  Where else can you toss out a word or two and find a quote you’ve been looking for for days? Last week I wanted to join in … Continue reading