But All I Really Want Is

When I was a junior in college I took racquetball for a PE credit. All I wanted for Christmas that year was a racquetball racket. Nothing else. Just a racquetball racket.

What I got for Christmas was everything but a racquetball racket, or so I thought. When each gift was opened, instead of being grateful for each one that was lovingly chosen with me in mind, I became more and more downhearted and upset. Hadn’t I made it clear that all I wanted was a racquetball racket?

After all the gifts were openend, I proceeded to make it known that none of the shopping had been necessary, all I wanted was … well, you know by now.

It was then that my sister pulled out one last white gift box with an electric cord attached to it. She set the package on a small chair, plugged it in, and told me to open it. Inside was, to my dismay and utter embarrassment, an orange and white racquetball racket lovingly outlined with small, colored, flashing Christmas lights.

My family had heard my request all along and gave me what I wanted in addition to a few things I didn’t want but were chosen for me with love.

God does the same thing. He knows exactly what we want and what we need, and he gives us what He lovingly picks out for us at just the right time.

Don’t waste your life trying to fit into a
“gift box” that feels too big or too small.
Your God-given gift perfectly fits your personality
and is your purpose and position to win victory.”

~ My Prince Will Come
by Sheri Rose Shepherd

We may whine and cry and stomp our feet because we didn’t get “the only thing we really wanted,” but God knows what we want even before we ask and he supplies lovingly, exceedingly beyond what we ask or can even imagine.

You are unique. You may desire to have this talent or that talent, but God knows what you need – and what those he has put in your life need from you – and he has not made a mistake.

A friend of mine who is a pastor’s wife and a gifted musician and speaker often speaks of women desiring what she calls “platform gifts,” those gifts that put them in the spotlight on the church platform or at Christian events. We often see those people as more talented, and sometimes even closer to God, because they were entrusted to teach the rest of us through word or song.

I often wish that I were more outgoing and had the right thing to say whenever someone has a problem, but I would much rather spend time with one friend than with a dozen at one time, and I am one who listens more than I talk. Do you know how often friends say, “I’m really glad you are a good listener”? There are hundreds of people who will tell someone what they think they should do, but how many will just listen and share someone’s sorrow or joy without having to say, “That’s really bad (or really good), but let me tell you about me and what I’m going through”?

Just because someone has a gift we desire, doesn’t mean that God loves them more or trusts them more with the matters of his kingdom. He has a plan for each of our lives, and he will carry it on to completion when we stop stomping our feet and saying, “but all I really want is ________________ .”

Yours for the celebration of life,


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8 thoughts on “But All I Really Want Is

  1. GREAT post, Claudia. God does know exactly what we need and has more people’s interests in mind than ours when He decides how to distribute His gifts. Amen, amen and amen, sister.

  2. Claudia, you are absolutely right!

    Too many people think they have the gift of giving unasked for advice. Just because someone shares something, they aren’t necessarily asking for advice. We often just want somebody to LISTEN!

    We need more listeners and less talkers.

    Cherish that rare gift you were given. It will be much appreciated.


  3. “God knows what we want even before we ask and he supplies lovingly, exceedingly beyond what we ask or can even imagine”

    Those words gave me shivers b/c it was like God was speaking directly to me!

    Believe me, the gift of being an active listener is a rare gift indeed, especially in today’s world and is to be cherished and treasured! I really enjoyed your words for today’s IOW! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for your post. It amazes me how I think I know better than God as to what I NEED. Praise the Lord He doesn’t always listen to me!

  5. I love this post! I much prefer spending time with one friend than a dozen! And when I am with a group, I usually do the least amount of talking. I enjoy listening.

    And I think we can all relate to having a Christmas morning or a birthday evening when we were, admittedly, more than a bit disappointed over not getting what we wanted. Thanks for sharing today.

  6. “You may desire to have this talent or that talent, but God knows what you need – and what those he has put in your life need from you – and he has not made a mistake.”

    These are the words I needed to hear today!
    I would like to enter to win a “ticket” to the A Woman Inspired “one” Marriage Online Conference, May 10-12, 2010

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