Small Change Thursday – Organic Potatoes

According to, one food you should never eat is nonorganic potatoes. Because the herbicides and pesticides used in growing potatoes is absorbed into the potato, simply washing the potatoes will not remove these chemicals from the vegetable.

I am not one who says that you should only eat organic fruits and vegetables, but I am a huge advocate for organic potatoes because they taste sooo much better than other store-bought potatoes.

In fact, I had pretty much given up potatoes, even mashed, because they tasted like, how shall I say it, dirt. Yes, they tasted just like dirt.

But the organic potatoes – even the ones I buy from the local Food City – are extremely flavorable and sweet – yes, sweet. It’s such an amazing difference in taste that you’ll be glad you tried them.

At $3.67 for a 5-pound bag of organic Russets, this is a small change I’ll gladly continue making.

Yours for the celebration of life,



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