Pray Together – It Just Might Save Your Marriage

Last week, e-Mom hosted Marriage Monday where the topic was prayer in marriage. I didn’t do the math, but a lot of women admitted that praying together with their husband does not happen in their home, at least not on a regular basis.

As I had posted in Marriage Monday – Praying in Marriage, Family Life Today cites a recent statistic that less than 5% — 8% of married couples pray together.

While that normalizes the lack of prayer in marriage for most husbands and wives, an even more important statistic is that, while the general divorce rate within the church is about the same as that outside of the church, reports are that in marriages where husbands and wives pray together, the divorce rate is less than 1%.

If you want prayer to be at the center of your marriage but consider yourselves ok without it because you are in with the majority, think again.

A drop from a 50% divorce rate to a 1% divorce rate can only be attributed to the awesome power prayer to a Holy God.

Yours for the celebration of life,


Check out my tips at Marriage Monday – Praying in Marriage to get started, and read what other wives had to say at Marriage Monday.


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