Small Change Thursday – Get Some Sleep

According to a new study reported in the March 2010 Reader’s Digest (p. 129), contrary to popular belief, being awake longer might lead to being less productive.

According to James Maas, PhD, a sleep researcher at Cornell University,

Being sleep-deprived makes you do everything more slowly and with less focus. Most people don’t realize what it’s like to be fully awake and how much they can accomplish when they are.

To find out if sleep deprivation is actually making you less productive, try sleeping for one more hour a day than you do now. You could find that your alertness level jumps by up to 25%.

That’s a small change that doesn’t break the bank — and might even pay off with big dividends in the end.

Yours for the celebration of life,


Photo of baby with monkey from by Garrison Photo.


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