You’ve Got to Stick the Landing

My husband and I aren’t huge winter Olympics fans, but we do watch ski jumping and snowboarding. While there are many lessons we can learn from the Olympians and their sports, one thing I’ve learned from ski jumping and snowboarding is, you’ve got to stick the landing.

It doesn’t matter how long you fly through the air, whether you perform a McTwist, a doublechuk, or a Sato flip, if you don’t stick the landing, your Olympic dreams will likely be dashed.

It’s the same way in life, and particulary in marriage: you might feel like you’re flying through the air performing a 540 degree flip, unsure of whether you can complete the jump, let alone land on your feet, but somewhere in midair you have to make a decision. Do you continue with the jump you had planned, or do you abandon everything you’ve learned in practice and give up?


This is what you’ve dreamed of and planned for. This is where all of your time and energy have been focused for years. This is what determines if your marriage will make it or fail.

You’ve got to put into place everything you’ve learned about love and commitment and staying together, put yourself in the proper position, and plant your feet firmly on the ground.

You can’t win the gold if you don’t stick the landing.

To read the story of one couple that has fallen a few times but is working together to “stick the landing,” please join Michelle at Our Restoration Ranch for encouragement and fresh insight into God’s work in their marriage.

My prayer is that you will find hope and healing as you work together to stick the landing no matter how difficult your position.

Yours for the celebration of life,



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