ScumBuster Xtreme vs The Shower

After yesterday’s post (Marriage Monday – You Have My Heart), I’m sure you are all wondering if the Black and Decker ScumBuster Xtreme is as powerful a tool as it appears to be.

Let me tell you, any tool smaller than most books that requires a person to wear gloves and safety glasses is worth a second look.

This morning, in a flashback to the days I was faithfully following Home Sanctuary, I decided to take a few minutes to tackle the shower. After all, my husband bought the BD SBX for such a time as this.

Let me tell you, that shower was sparkling in no time. With a few squirts of Nature’s Choice Natural Bathroom cleaner and my new rechargeable BD SBX, the scum was gone, the shower floor nearly blinded me, and I was doing the happy dance in a matter of minutes!

Just for your edificiation, in case you are wondering about other methods of shower cleaning, I’m posting my top five shower-cleaning methods and their results.

5. Do nothing and wait for the cleaning fairies to arrive – Works as long as you have eyes like mine and can’t see much without glasses or contacts. After all, who wears glasses in the shower?

4. Wait for the cleaning lady to arrive – see #5.

3. Wait until your husband is fed up with the shower and decides to clean it – see #5.

2. After showering, use a rag to wipe the shower down and spray with a daily spray-on, no-rubbing shower cleaner – pretty much like #5 above.

And the number one way to clean your shower?

1. Leave it go for so long that your husband goes out and buys the Black and Decker ScumBuster Xtreme.

Just pray that he doesn’t give it to you for Valentine’s Day, your birthday, your anniversary, Christmas, or any other socially accepted gift-giving occasion.

Yours for the celebration of life,



One thought on “ScumBuster Xtreme vs The Shower

  1. Hi Claudia, Thanks for stopping at my blog today. Thanks for the review on the scumbuster too – sounds like something I could use!

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