Marriage Monday – You Have My Heart

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A special thanks to e-mom for hosting Marriage Monday and for early posting of the topic How to Celebrate February 14 Every Day of the Year.

You see, I’m a muller. I might have an idea for a post or a writing, often in the wee hours of the morning when brain activity seems to have few inhibitians, but I generally have to mull over a topic before putting pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard.

Over the past few days I’ve come up with a few different ways to go about this topic. Since I’m not the overly romantic type, that’s more my husband’s domain, I settled first on a more spiritual approach: respect and delight. That post will come another time, but not today.

After a few more ideas came and went, it wasn’t until we were sitting on opposite sides of the room with our respective laptops in our respective laps that the truth of the matter hit me.

We were playing online euchre with a couple three states away and had Phil Keaggy’s CD Covers playing in the background. After a spectacular loner hand – all you midwesterners that play euchre will know how wonderful that is – I heard Phil in the background singing You Have My Heart.

Eureka! That’s it! No matter what we are facing: on-going budget talks, garbage that needs taken out, time that needs to be spent together or alone, good times or bad, he has my heart and I have his, and neither of us has any reason to doubt that.

Oh, I could go on about kisses in the morning and at night and when either of us leaves the house or even the room, holding hands when we are out together, having his arm around me at church, frequent calls during the day that all end with “I love you,” or even the Black and Decker Scum Buster Xtreme that came home with him from a recent shopping trip.

But the truth of it is

In the morning I see you
Yours is the smile that sets my day apart
All through the day you have my heart

In the afternoon when I feel alone
That’s when I see you smiling at me
That’s all it takes

Evening comes with sunset
To close a day filled with yearning to be home
Closer to you is where I want to be

You have my heart
And I am blessed with who you are
You have my heart
All through the day there’s nothing better
Nothing as sure, this heart is yours
This heart is yours
This heart is yours

I love, babe. God gave me a “good and perfect gift” when He gave me you.

Yours for the celebration of life,


Be sure to stop by e-mom’s blog for fantastic posts on this special Marriage Monday.


11 thoughts on “Marriage Monday – You Have My Heart

  1. You seem to be living in a wonderful marriage! Wouldn’t it be a blessing if every marriage was as loving and satisfying as yours (and mine?).

    LOL, I applaud your man for this:

    “Black and Decker Scum Buster Xtreme that came home with him from a recent shopping trip.”

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Claudia.


    e-Mom :~D

  2. This was just wonderful… love like that is rare and hard to come by. Thank you for giving a peek into your heart and for the words you left at my blog. God bless you!

  3. Your post made me smile. What better way to express love than to say, “You have my heart.” Your husband surely appreciates your lack of expectations and unconditional love.

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