Company Girl Coffee – The Real Me

Come on in out of the cold. It’s a frosty morning here in Tennessee. The coffee’s hot, the Christmas music is playing, and I’m glad you’re here.

As always, there are lots of things from Home Sanctuary that I could talk about today, but the one that strikes me most is the Real Me post from Tuesday.

It probably strikes me most right now because I found out this morning that WordPress decided to change the layout of my dashboard – the way I see things when I first log on.  I found that my blood pressure went up just a bit and I panicked just a little when “Write” and “Comments” were not in their usual locations.  Since that’s about all I do – write posts and approve or disapprove comments – those two things are pretty important to me.

Two things about the real me that you need to know:  I’m not a visual person and I’m not technical.  When the layout changed, it set me back just a minute or two, but now I’m on my feet again and all is right with the world – until I try to do something that I knew how to do in the old layout.

Another thing about the real me is that I’ve been wanting to make beaded earrings for a while.  Now, I knew they couldn’t be that hard, but not being visual, looking at a picture or reading directions on how to make them did me little good.

Yesterday I was able to take a class at a local bead shop, and 2 1/2 hours later came home with this little beauties.  It was loads of fun and I got to meet 3 women who were just as pleased with their designs as I was with mine.


These, or whaterver designs the women and girls come up with will become part of our craft for the family gathering at Christmas.

Which reminds me, another thing I like to do is give away stuff. I love meeting other people’s needs or seeing how a simple act of kindness can bring a smile to someone’s face.

Since many of my Company Girls were away last week, be sure to get in on my Collapsible Market Tote Giveaway if you haven’t already. I’ve gotten some great ideas on family gifts and new traditions.

This promises to be one of our least expensive Christmases in a while, but one with lots of fun and family time.

Yours for the celebration of life,



10 thoughts on “Company Girl Coffee – The Real Me

  1. Yeah! What happened to Mr. Linky?? That’s weird. The other day the Mr. Linky site was sending an “authentication” notice when anyone tried to access my site. Huh? Fortunately, it didn’t last long.

    I love the earrings! Methinks you DO have a visual/creative side…don’t sell yourself short. I took a tole painting class years ago, thinking I’d like to make some Christmas presents, and it turned into a real painting career. Strange.

    I have wished many times that I had set up my blog using wordpress…I love the way it looks. Typepad is easy, but now their “improvements” to the way comments come (or don’t come) to my email makes it extremely cumbersome to reply to comments.

    Thanks for the coffee, I’m still hoping for the collapsable tote! So cute!!

  2. You’re earrings look great! I agree with Rachel Anne, you do have a creative side!

    Thanks for stopping by and for checking out my shop!

  3. Hi Claudia, thanks for stopping by my blog for ‘coffee’ and sharing thoughts 🙂

    I just have to say that your earrings look beautiful!
    Amazing how simple it is to make something that you could pay oogobs of $ for at a fancy gift shop, isn’t it?

  4. Thanks for the warm up! It’s 35 degrees here! Great earrings. I am not really the creative type. I have a good friend that always helps bring out the creative side of me though, and that’s good. : )

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love your earrings and I agree with Rachel Anne, don’t seel yourself short. I love Company Girl coffee and all of the interesting people I get to “meet” here.

  6. Thanks for letting me pop in for coffee. AND for showing off your beautifully made earrings. You definitely have an eye for that – they’re great!

    Now I’ve got to poke around and find that collapsible tote giveaway…! Sounds like something I can definitely use!

  7. Hey Claudia! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come back often! Although I received the Nativity as a gift, I looked on the box for purchase info. This is what I found. It is made by Family LIfe Publishing. There is also a website (I haven’t been there yet) at http://www.WhatGodWantsfor for free activities, creative uses and fun party plans. I hope this helps!

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