What If … You Tried It Just For A Day

I love you

If you’ve been around my blog any time at all, you know that the 30 Day Wife and 30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenges have been important to me this year.

I see marriages in crisis all around me, and this is my effort to help strengthen those marriages that haven’t gotten to the “Where do we go from here” stage, but need a little something to revive the romance, the respect, and the love in a marriage.

What if … you tried just one day of the 30 Day Challenge – and then another – and then another?

Just try one, pick one, any one, and see how it goes. You don’t have to commit to the entire 30 days or even do them in 30 consecutive days. Pick on you like and work on it.

You’ll be glad you did.

Yours for the celebration of marriage,



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