Marriage, Like Home, Should be a Place of Sanctuary

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I know it’s not Monday, and I had every intention of participating in this month’s Marriage Monday, but Thanksgiving threw me for a loop.

This excerpt is from Andrea at Embracing Him.  She did an excellent job of summing up how marriage should be a shelter, a safe-haven, a sanctuary for both husband and wife.

A marital sanctuary is created when we let go of selfishness and anger and instead offer kindness and forgiveness. When marriage is a place of safety, couples can freely express their opinions and desires without judgment and rejection. When marriage is a save haven, both husband and wife can reveal their fears and flaws without ridicule and repercussion.  When marriage is a true refuge, husbands and wives have no need to put up walls or be on guard. Each person is free to be themselves and is loved exactly as they are. A couple finds a shelter from life’s storms and their deepest needs are recognized, valued, and nurtured within the sanctuary of Christian marriage.

Take a few minutes to check out other contributors to this month’s Marriage Monday theme: The Sanctuary of Marriage at Embracing Him.

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One thought on “Marriage, Like Home, Should be a Place of Sanctuary

  1. It’s so nice to meet you! Thanks for promoting Marriage Monday, Claudia. I hope you’ll join us in January too.


    e-Mom @ Chrysalis

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