Slow Down, You Move Too Fast


Overworked, underpaid; overscheduled, underappreciated.

Over the next few days, we are going to look at the perils of busyness and how to overcome or at least reduce it in our own lives.

In the time you would have spent reading a longer post, contemplate these words from Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott found in Christian Counseling Today:

But just under the surface, we also gain from running in high gear because it may keep us from reflecting on the deeper issues of our lives – something that tends to scare us.

Busyness can keep us from having a conversation that’s long overdue. It can prevent us from confronting an issue that’s begging to be addressed. Busyness may be a means of avoiding something you need to confront.

Nothing more for today. But do take time to really think about this; don’t just read it and move on to the next blog.

What is it in your life, in your marriage, that you are conveniently avoiding because of your busyness or the busyness of those whom you love?

We’ll talk more about this in upcoming posts.

Yours for the celebration of life,


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