30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge: Day 12

With all lowliness and gentleness, with longsuffering, bearing with one another in love. (Eph. 4:2)

Part of the difficulty you may face as you continue in this 30-day challenge to encourage your husband is that you really are struggling to find positive things to praise. Perhaps the problem is not with your husband. Have you checked your own heart?

Sometimes we get disillusioned because of our own unreasonable or unrealistic expectations (Prov. 13:12). It may not be that our mates are doing something wrong; it’s simply that we expect too much in some areas.

Our expectations must be met in God alone, and then we will have the right perspective to ask God for the healing and grace we need to respond to others.

How sad that we give more grace to others than to those in our own homes. Today, try to look at your husband through eyes of grace. Verbally thank your husband for what he is already doing.

Yours for the celebration of marriage,


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Copyright Revive Our Hearts. Written by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Used with permission. www.ReviveOurHearts.com


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One thought on “30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge: Day 12

  1. Ahh so very true. I do this very thing. My expectations are always way to high and I feel as though he often times lets me down. When the reality is I have built myself up and let what I knew would ever really happen eat away at me and create this negative vibe in our converstation. Thank you for helping me to see it in a God’s eyes. Thank goodness we have a lifetime to work on being “us”!

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