Fireproof Movie Review

If you are one of the thousands of people who saw Fireproof when it opened this weekend, you have already formed an opinion about it.  According to Fandango, 436 out of 630 reviews netted it a Must Go status.  (Update: as of 12:30pm on 9/30/08, the Fandango Must Go! reviews are 1966 out of 2288.)

Of the 16 (29 out of 2288 as of 12:30pm on 9/3/08) folks who gave it an Oh, No! rating, the few that commented mostly said that the acting was poor, the Christian message was offensive, and the firefighters never fight a fire.

I’m not a professional movie reviewer, but my husband and I, the couple we went with, and the overwhelming majority of people who were in the packed theater enjoyed it as well.

Yes, I’ve seen better acting, but the movie was nonetheless enjoyable.  The message – never leave your partner – came across loud and clear, and the light moments interjected by the neighbors and the fellow firefighters were quite humorous.

It is true that there was one house fire and one car accident to which the firefighters attended, but the movie isn’t about firefighting per seIt is about holding a marriage together when only one partner has any interest in doing so.

Yes, there is an overriding Christian theme and numerous referrals to the Love Dare, but anyone who knew anything about the move beforehand knew that going in.  These themes are clear in every one of the trailers and advertisements that I’ve seen for this movie.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and will recommend it to anyone who is married or thinking about getting married.  No, I will not trick them into seeing it as one angry Oh, No! reviewer noted happened to him.  Evidently, his friends tried to use it as a tool to expose him to Christianity, and he was offended by that.

If you invite non-Christian friends, tell them the overriding themes of the movie.  Don’t try to trick them.  That will only serve to upset them and maybe turn them off even more if they are offended by the “trick.”

For those of you want to learn more about working on your marriage

  • Get a free pdf of my 30 Day Wife Encouragement Challenge by emailing me at claudia @ (be sure to remove the spaces around @ intended to fool spammers)
  • Follow the 30 Day Wife Encouragement Challenge or the 30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge posted here regularly
  • Check out some of the books that my husband and I have found useful over the years
  • Get further resources from the makers and partners of Fireproof
  • Attend a marriage conference (see an abbreviated list in the sidebar)
  • Find a counselor in your area who can help you and your spouse work through your problems
  • Seek the counsel of a trusted friend or relative

Marriage is worth fighting for – even if you are fighting for it alone.
Yours for the celebration of marriage,


For a couple more reviews, visit and Good News Daily.


15 thoughts on “Fireproof Movie Review

  1. Thank you for the positive review! Well described and I am completely in accord with the MAJORITY. WE are living in a primarily Christian Society in these United States and anyone who would be critical and offended by such a clean and psychologically and spiritually supportive film made available to many who could never see a therapist to hear this good advice…well, what can I say, they clearly don’t see the Light!
    If we had MORE of this kind of message available, we would not have second graders bringing knives to school to stab fellow children during recess!!!
    (That from a Teacher who confiscates such weaponry!)
    May all who see the movie be Blessed.
    Support those marriages and relationships, yes, Tom is right, and it takes both sides to participate!

  2. Absolutely the BEST movie I have seen in years. My wife and I have been separated for about 5 months and are trying to rebuild our marriage with God’s help and Christian couseling. We saw the movie on Friday night with a packed theater and there was spontaneous applause at the end (how often do you see that?). I was so touched by it that we went again on Sunday afternoon with another couple from our church and they were equally impressed. The movie seamlessly combines compelling life lessons with humor and action. I believe it will have broad appeal, especially to Christians and hopefully to many non-Christians. This is a movie I will buy when it becomes available on DVD and watch repeatedly.

  3. The point this movie was making completely took my focus off the parts that were slightly “cheesy” for lack of a better word. I absulutely adored the movie simply BECAUSE it wasn’t hollywood. It’s real life and it’s what real people go through in life. It totally hit home for me and I will continue to support the actors and the film makers! I hope to see more movies like this in the theaters. I had thought about it for days after seeing the movie. Unlike most movies I go to see in the theatre that give me momentary entertainment. I had continued to ponder on this movie even days after seeing it. All I can say is that I absolutely loved it!!!!!!! It’s a MUST SEE!!!!!!!!

  4. A wonderful, must see movie. Hey, considering everyone except Kirk Cameron were NOT actors, I think they did a mighty fine job. Kirk did some outstanding work and portrayed some raw emotion that was so real. Better than most “hollywood” types. But the most important part of all, was the true meaning of the movie which most of us can relate to. It gives you a better perspective on marriage and can only bring you closer. The people who are offended by the christian message are truly missing the point. Get past it and allow yourself to learn something.
    Best movie Ive seen in many years!!!

  5. Oh, one more rave. The scenes between kirks character and his father are beautifully made. Not to be missed. I truly appreciate such a fine moment in filmaking.

  6. it really takes me back… the days when kirk could actually get paid to act. who would have thought “mike seaver” would turn out to be half a step above a snake oil salesmen. between this and left behind S.A.G. should pull his card.

  7. Sean,

    Please help me understand which of these offenses should cause Kirk to have his S.A.G. license revoked?

    1. He didn’t get paid (by choice) to act in this movie
    2. He is taking on roles in movies that agree with his world view and spiritual beliefs

    I believe these are foundations that we stand on in America.

  8. This is a MUST SEE movie for all married couples, no matter where you are in your relationship. This is real-world stuff, not Hollywood made-up-to-make-money. Sherwood Baptist Church doesn’t care if it makes one dime. It’s not about the money, it’s about saving marriages and stressing the covenant, not contract, that underlies the relationship. This is a beautiful movie, no matter what faith you subscribe to. It’s made by a church in the small South Georgia town of Albany GA. Who wouldn’t want to raise their kids and family there when these values are so important to that church membership.

  9. they are poorly acted, poorly written and poorly directed melodramas that lifetime originals look like citizen kane.
    pandering to right wingers doesnt make producing garbage films any more valid than liberals making trash movies like michael moore.

  10. Sean,

    You bring up a few more foundations we are free to stand on in America:

    1. The freedom to voice an opinion
    2. The freedom to choose what to watch for entertainment and/or edification
    3. The right of freedom of speech allows film makers to put forth their world view, whether it’s right wing or left wing, for all the world to see.

    But be clear of one thing: every movie made today carries a message that is in line with the writer’s world view, whether it agrees with yours and mine or not.

    Clearly, Fireproof is not the movie for you. There are plenty more out there that will fit your world view.


  11. I loved this movie and want to see it again! It was very well made and for the most part, the acting was very good even though they were all amateurs. God’s hand was sooo on this movie. The message the Kendrick brothers wanted to get across came out loud and clear for me and it showed a mirror of myself and our relationship in many ways if not all.
    Definitely a MUST SEE for those that care about having a long lasting marriage- christian or not!

  12. This movie was one of the best birtday presents I could have received, My wife and I went to see “Fireproof” this Sunday for my birthday; the parallel of a fireman’s code “never leave your partner behind” and the vows of holy matrimony were fantastic. I found the movie to be well balanced with action, plot, humor and surprise woven together to show the real complexities of today’s marital relationships. The plot had many unexpected twists and the presumptive nature of man was used against us to a surprising end. The stars battle with internet pornography was classic and a battle which is on the rise as we’ve seen in recent weeks with celebrity marriages gone awry and their addictions to porn brought to light. At one point my wife nudged me and whispered, “He needs My Internet Doorman”, I felt proud knowing that God was using me to help men and women all over the country to fight this battle and to prevent youth from becoming victims of this addictive and destructive vice. I strongly recommend this movie to engaged couples, newlyweds, anyone struggling to hang on to their marriage, anyone on the fence of divorce, and anyone who has ever been there. Bravo!

    Mr. M


  14. I just saw the movie tonight, and it was awesome! I do not agree with Sean at all about his Kirk Cameron comment! I thought he was PHENOMENAL in the movie, and I ADMIRE him for standing on his beliefs, and for accepting a role in the movie with no pay. He is EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED, and he could be making millions right now, but has chosen his faith over fame, so to me, he is the “real deal”! Way to go, Kirk, and way to go Sherwood Baptist Church! Keep up the good work! The movie will make you make you laugh, cry, and will move you in ways that you do not expect! It is real-life today, and the issues are very crucial. Our nation is breaking down, b/c our family’s are breaking down. I hope that this movie helps some people out there who are wanting to leave their spouses to change their minds, b/c more times than not, the grass is the greenest when you are closest to the sewer. Flee temptation and put all of your energy into saving your marriage. You won’t be sorry. I definitely recommend this movie! I am already wanting to go and see it again! Best $10.00 I’ve spent all year!!!

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