Is It Possible to Relax Too Much?

I took a suggestion from Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary, and now I’m not so relaxed any more. It’s not her fault; I just let the time get away from me.

I work at home, so I’m often at the computer doing “real work” for more hours than I mark on my timesheet. That’s a good thing for the company, but my own sanity suffers at times.

This afternoon after I finished up my work hours, I turned on the music and updated the posts on my blog to get some better organization – all in an attempt to destress. Now, however, I’m running late to get ready for the football game. Fortunately, football games don’t take a lot of time to get ready for. Put on a pair of jeans, grab a jacket, and off we go.

Isn’t that how it goes? We get so engrossed in the tasks before us that we forget to look at the road ahead. I think that happens in marriage, too. We focus on the things that need done now, right now, and forget to truly enjoy the benefit of it.

I don’t have a good wrap up for this post because I really have to get to the ball game, but maybe you can give it some thought and leave a comment on how life -even the fun parts of it – sometimes gets in the way of your marriage.

Yours for the celebration of marriage,



4 thoughts on “Is It Possible to Relax Too Much?

  1. Well, the coffee is probably cold almost 48 hours later, but I thought I’d drop in to meet and say hello!

    Your words are SO true! Though I didn’t specifically relate it to marriage, I wrote something similar. It’s easy for me to get over-committed by saying “yes” to often, and then it leaves me scrambling to get things accomplished at home, which in turn DOES affect my marriage in a way.

    Hope you had a fun at the football game and had a blessed weekend!

  2. Oh, yes, I can relate! I do know how time can get away and then cause me to scramble. My weekend was a little like that but, oh well.

    I love your marriage theme. It’s so true that we can take a good marriage for granted and not really make time to be purposeful in how we love each other. Thanks for the reminder.

    Thanks for participating in the Company Girls Coffee!

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