What if … We Heeded the Warning Signal?

The first Wednesday of every month, like clockwork, a long shrill siren sounds near my house. Because I am usually in the house at noon when the siren blows, it usually takes a minute for it to register. But once it registers, my first thought is usually, “Is that a siren?”

After that I look outside and wonder, “Is the weather bad enough that a tornado or some other natural disaster is heading my way?”

If the sky looks clear, and even if it doesn’t, it takes me a minute to remember that this is the first Wednesday of the month, the day that the fire department tests the siren in case a tornado or severe storm is heading my way and I need to be aware of it.

Then, convinced that that’s all there is to it, I head back to whatever I was doing before the sound of the siren entered my consciousness with little thought that maybe I really should take cover from pending doom.

In reality, the siren is meant to spur me to action, to get me to a safe place, not to give me time to logically consider whether I need to run for cover. My first response should be to grab whatever necessities I might need to weather the storm and head for cover. Only after my needs are taken care of and I am in a safe place should I allow myself to process the fact that the sky is blue and it’s noon on the first Wednesday of the month.

What if … we heeded the warning signals in other areas of our lives? What if we ran for shelter first then processed the situtation logically?

I believe if we ran when the siren sounded in our own lives, in our conscience, we would suffer far fewer consequences of our own actions.

The next time you are about to do something and your conscience warns you against it, flee first, taking whatever you need for the protection of yourself and your family, then only after you and your family are safe from pending disaster, whether it be an extramarital affair or fighting for your own selfish desires, consider what might have happened if you had not heeded the warning.

Yours for the celebration of marriage,


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