30 Day Wife Encouragement Challenge: Day 2

As the challenge continues, remember these ground rules:

  • You can’t say anything negative about your wife . . . to your wife . . . or to anyone else about your wife.
  • Say something that you admire or appreciate about your wife . . . to your wife . . . and to someone else about your wife!

30-Day Wife Encouragement Challenge: Day 2

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. George Bernard Shaw

How did you do with your list of things you admire about your wife? Did you start off slow and gain momentum? Did you find it hard to come up with even one thing to be thankful for? I certainly hope not!

As a husband and wife live together on a daily basis, taking care of the kids, the house, the pets, the bills, and everything else that goes into daily life, we tend to forget to have fun together – to play.

Now that Spring has sprung, it should be nice enough in most parts of the northern hemisphere to be outside doing something fun.

Ask your wife to join you outside to play frisbee or go for a walk or look at the stars. Take her out for coffee and enjoy the drive. Do something together that you enjoyed while you were dating.

I know you love your kids and you love spending time with them, but you need to take time to spend time with each other without the kids to remember what it feels like to be Bill and Nancy or Ted and Alice, not Mom and Dad. 

Sure the bills and the dishes and the tax forms all need your attention, but take time to enjoy being friends, not just husband and wife or Mom and Dad.  

Today’s assignment for encouraging your wife is to do something fun together today that will make you forget the cares of the world and make you feel like young lovers again.

If you missed Day 1, click here or on 30 Day Wife Encouragement Challenge in the sidebar to start at the beginning.  You – and your wife – will be glad you did.

Yours for the celebration of marriage,



32 thoughts on “30 Day Wife Encouragement Challenge: Day 2

  1. hi there,

    i was wondering where i can get a copy of the wife encouragement in pdf form? i have gooten the husband challenge already, my husband and i are trying to do the challenge as a couple.

    thank you

  2. Anyone who requests a copy by emailing me at claudia @ theanniversaryshop.com (be sure to remove spaces intended to ward of spammers) will receive a free copy of the challenge.

    Your copy has been sent. I pray that your marriage and your spouse will be blessed as you encourage one another.

  3. can i please be sent a pdf version of this to give to my significant other? i have the version for wives to husbands but not the reverse.


  4. My husband and I are lead facilitators of a married couples group, and we would like to use this information to help the couples to encourage each other. I have the 30 day husband encouragement challenge for wives, I just need the one for husbands.

  5. Plkease send me the 30 day wife encouragement challkenge. Already have the husband one.

    Thanks and God Bless

  6. Hi there, can you please send a copy to me for the 30 Wife Encouragement challenge – for my husband.

    Many thanx.

    PS: I have tried the 30 Day husband encouragement challenge and sooooooooo loved it. It has changed our lives so much and most of all, it has changed me personally – emotionally and spiritually… I am going to continue the challenge to better our marriage and strengthen our bond even more. I know this is an on going challenge and can only get better with practice and time. I must admit it was very difficult and with day 4 I just broke down and cried and something very odd happened… I just started to pray and I spoke to God – something I would never have done before – YES I did it and I felt a whole lot better after doing that. As the days went by I just kept on praying and spoke to God more often and my relationship with Husband and especially God just blossomed. I can only pray that it will strengthen day by day. I love my husband very much and could not have asked for a better partner.

    Take care all, God Bless

  7. Hello, I am getting married on Saturday, 11-6-10. I would love a copy of the 30 Day Wife Encouragement Challenge please. I think this will be very helpful to us as newlyweds and beyond.

    Thank you so much!

  8. Will you please email the complete 30 day wife encouragement challenge for husbands? Thank you.

  9. May I please have a copy of the complete 30 wife encouragment challenge for husbands. Thank you very much great blog.

    Thank again

  10. Hello, Can you please send me the 30 day wife encouragement challenge for husbands in PDF or word format.

    Thank you in advance

  11. If you have both in word or pdf, please send them 🙂

    If you have only one, please send it 🙂

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