A Small Thing To Make Him Feel Loved


It was just a small thing, but it made my husband laugh out loud.

It had been a very hard week for my husband.  He worked long days and helped other people solve their problems to the point that he didn’t even want me to ask him what he wanted to drink with his dinner.  He would drink anything.  He just couldn’t make one more decision.

The next morning as he was getting ready to shower, he asked if I would make a sandwich for him to take for lunch.  Most days he makes his own lunch, but every now and then he asks me to make something for him.

Now, you have to know that my husband is an extremely talented man.  He makes pottery, he works on engines, he cooks, he cleans, he is very capable of doing almost anything, but he has some trouble opening anything wrapped in saran wrap.  He can usually accomplish the task, but it takes some time and the package might be a mangled mess before he gets it open.

(When he makes a sandwich, he puts it in a baggie.  When I make one, I wrap it in saran wrap.)

As I was wrapping his sandwich, I remembered that the saran wrap might cause a problem for him, so I tore off a little piece of a sticky note (with the sticky part still attached), wrote “pull here :-)” on it, and slid it under the end of the saran wrap where he needed to pull to open it.  That way the end of the saran wrap was not stuck to itself and the note would help him find the entry to his turkey and cheese sandwich.

The plan was then to put the sandwich in his lunch bucket with the note side down so he wouldn’t see it until he got ready to open it for lunch.

What I hadn’t counted on was that he would add more stuff to the lunch bucket and would have to rearrange the contents of his lunch bucket so everything would fit.  In that process, he turned the sandwich over and saw the note.

He cracked up laughing!  In that one moment, he knew that I had thought of his struggle with saran wrap and he knew that I cared enough to keep his sandwich snug and fresh and still provide a way for it to be opened and edible after the wrapping was removed.

What made it even funnier is that he told me that while he was taking a shower he thought to himself, “Oh, no. She’s going to wrap that thing in saran wrap and I’ll never get it open.”

What Small Thing can you do today to help your spouse and make him or her laugh and feel loved at the same time?

Leave a comment and let me know. Only G-rated comments will be posted.

Yours for the celebration of marriage,


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