Househusband With Benefits

There are very few things my husband won’t do for me. Nearly anything I ask, or even suggest, is done almost before I finish making the request.

However, one thing my husband does not like to do, and has only done once or twice in our years of marriage, is clean the bathroom. Though he has never actually refused to clean it, we used to divvy up the cleaning by doing either the entire house or the two bathrooms. When given that obvious imbalance of time and energy, he always chose to dust, sweep, and mop the entire house rather than clean the bathrooms.

How could I refuse? After all, I really don’t mind cleaning the bathrooms, and I was done with my job long before he was.

It’s been a while since we divvied up housecleaning that way.  Maybe I’ll show him these two posts just to see if he’s ready to tackle the bathrooms yet:

Desperate Househusbands

Men Doing More Housework, and Wives Appreciating It

Yours for the celebration of marriage,


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