Posted in March 2008

A Wedding in the Family

I’m taking time off this week to spend time with family and celebrate my niece’s wedding so I’ll be pointing you to some of my favorite web sites on marriage and sharing quotes and such. I gotta tell ya, though, I’m writing this week’s posts early and munching on my fa-vo-rite Chocoloate Chip Cookies. Are … Continue reading

When “I’m Sorry” Isn’t Enough

Have you heard the words “I’m sorry” from your mate but feel that it falls short of being all that you wanted or needed as a full apology?  Have you said “I’m sorry” to your mate but feel that he or she hasn’t quite forgiven you or isn’t as certain of your sincerity as you are? Perhaps you or … Continue reading

KO’d in the 7th Round

As I wrote yesterday, in any close, loving relationship there will be conflict. How you manage or mismanage the conflict that arises in your marriage will both reflect and determine the health of your marriage. From the book Lists to Live by for Every Married Couple, the ways to mismanage conflict are Avoid [the problem or the … Continue reading

13 Ground Rules for Resolving Conflict in Marriage

Conflict in any close, loving relationship is inevitable. Fighting at a level that will wake the neighbors is not. Follow these guidelines to help you truly resolve conflict, not just battle it out. Set aside time to discuss the issue with your spouse. “Discussions” in the heat of the moment tend to escalate quickly. Ask … Continue reading

5 Questions to Ask Before the Fight Starts

If you are married or invloved in a relationship of any kind with one other person, you are sure to encounter conflict.  How you deal with this conflict will determine the health and strength of your relationship. What was the topic of the last fight you had with your spouse? Maybe your husband didn’t remember to … Continue reading

Working Through Conflict in Marriage

This week’s theme at Weekend Kindness is about surviving a chill in a relationship.  My post there, That’s What Friends Do, has me thinking about conflict that causes chills in marriage relationships.   Throughout the week, posts here will focus on such topics as The #1 cause of fights in marriage and 5 questions to ask before the … Continue reading

30 Day Wife Encouragement Challenge: Day 1

NOTE: In September 2008, this was changed from a Friday Focus to a regular post. All posts can be found by clicking here or on 30 Day Wife Encouragement Challenge category in the sidebar. The entire 30 Day Wife Encouragement Challenge is also available in pdf format. You may get it by requesting it when you … Continue reading