Loving Sunshine

All across the U.S. today we are seeing some of the worst winter weather we’ve seen all winter. From a big storm on the West coast to ice and snow in the East to rains and tornadoes in the South, we are reminded that winter is not over yet.

Today is a great day to spread some loving sunshine to brighten up your mate’s day.

If your wife or husband is in meetings all day today and can’t talk on the phone, send an “I LUV U” text message to his or her cell phone.

Send a photo of the kids to your husband’s email to show him what you and the kids are up today. Include “I love you Daddy” with the picture.

If you can meet your mate for coffee or lunch today, call and make arrangements.

Call a sitter or friend to watch the kids one night this weekend and call your mate to make a date.

If you can’t afford a sitter and a night out, ask the sitter to keep the kids at their house so you and your spouse can have the house all to yourselves.

Send an ecard to your wife.

If your wife will be out today and you are still at home, get out whatever gear she needs to stay warm and dry – boots, hat, scarf, umbrella, travel mug full of coffee – and give her a big, warm hug and kiss before she leaves the house.

See above for your husband.

Have dinner ready when your spouse gets home. Set the table with candles and the good china – even if you are eating macaroni and cheese.

If you go to the store today, pick up an item that you know your spouse loves but doesn’t buy often. Save it for when the kids go to bed and let him or her have it all him/herself unless he/she offers some to you.

Think about the things that have given your spouse an “emotional boost” in the past and do them again or something similar.

Be happy.

Be creative.


Yours for the celebration of marriage,


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