B-E-S-T: Prescription for a Superb Marriage, T

Today we come to the last letter in the B-E-S-T prescription for marriage as prescribed by Dr. Ed Wheat in his time-honored book Love Life for Every Married Couple (Zondervan, Chapter 13).

As you recall, or can read below, previous days have taught the importance of Blessing, Edifying, and Sharing in marriage or in any romantic relationship for that matter.

The fourth principle is Touching.

My guess is that women will instinctively say, “All right, let’s get to the part about touching me outside the bedroom: holding hands when we walk together, putting his arm around me when we sit side by side, rubbing my feet after a long day,” and any other touch that may or may not lead to sex.

Men, on the other hand, are instinctively saying, “All right, let’s get to the part where we’re told that being married means we have sex anytime and anywhere and that my wife should not hold back from me.”

In a somewhat diplomatic move, but also knowing there’s no point in reinventing the wheel, I am going to direct you to The Power of Touch posted at Family Life. This article is taken directly from the chapter of Dr. Wheat’s book that we have been discussing this week.

In the article, you will learn why touch is important to both men and women as well as 25 suggestions on how to put this into practice and possibly rekindle a flame in your relationship.

Before you write this off as not being very important, I leave you with this quote:

Physical contact is absolutely essential in building the emotion of love. You may take it as a sobering warning that most of the time marital infidelity is not so much a search for sex as it is for emotional intimacy.

Take a few minutes to read the The Power of Touch and choose one or two of the 25 suggested ways to touch your mate nonsexually today. You – and your mate – will be glad you did.

Yours for the celebration of marriage,


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