A No Good, Horrible, Rotten Love Day, but Today’s Another Day

On Thursday, Valentine’s Day, I wrote about the ultimate definition of love, the one found in I Corinthians 13:4-8.

On Friday, the day after Valentine’s Day, I failed the test miserably.  Not only did it seem that I hadn’t read the chapter; it seemed that I had read the wrong chapter from the wrong book.

Without going into detail, my actions toward my husband that day were not patient or kind, they were not free from envy, boasting, or pride.  My love was rude, it was self-seeking, and it was easily angered.  I didn’t keep any record of wrong, but neither did I rejoice in the truth.

About the only other two things I did right were to trust and remember that love never fails, but these were only with the help of my husband who reacted to my less than loving ways by remaining loving and kind toward me.

Evidently he had read the right chapter in the right book and took them to heart.

Fortunately, marriage gives us a chance to try again tomorrow.  To try to love in the way that we should, by being patient, kind, supportive, and encouraging.  It gives us a chance to remember that each of us has days that we do not love as we should, but that it doesn’t mean we don’t love anymore.  It means that yesterday was a no good, horrible, rotten day, and I’m glad that you stuck it out with me.  I know it wasn’t easy for either of us.

Today is the day to try to get it right.  Nothing from yesterday has been carried over to today, and my husband seemingly doesn’t even remember my actions of the day.

If you or your spouse has had a less-than-perfect-love day, allow him or her the opportunity to try again.  Don’t bring up the hurts of yesterday or the day before.  If there are issues that need to be resolved, by all means work to resolve them, but if your spouse was just off his or her game for a day, let it go.  Get the team back on the field and work together toward a marriage that will be strong and loving for years to come.

Yours for the celebration of marriage,


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2 thoughts on “A No Good, Horrible, Rotten Love Day, but Today’s Another Day

  1. I frequently speak to MOPS groups on the Five Love Languages. Sometimes I see tears streaming down the faces of these young wives and mothers because Love Languages are not spoken in their homes. So on Valentines’ Day, I spoke to another group and began the conversation by talking about expectation. We publicly renounced expectations from our husband’s on that day. Love does not expect–love gives. Expectation puts people in cages like canaries. Expectation freezes them so that there is no song from their heart. When we expect our husband’s to step up to the Madison Avenue level of Expectation on Valentine’s Day, we set ourselves up for failure. Expectations produce control. Control is not godly.

    Interestingly, I did not see any tears trickling down faces during that talk.

    After the talk the leader of the group thanked me for the emphasis on renouncing expectation. Apparently, it set her free.

    Best to you,

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