Let’s Just Eat Chili

I’ve spent the past hour or so reading blogs on Valentine’s Day and have come away with the feeling that very few people want anything to do with the day.  Seems it’s just another day full of expectations that no one can possibly meet, nor for that matter wants to try to meet.

Fortunately, it’s not that way in my house, at least the expectations part.  My husband is as much a romantic as anyone, and he certainly would buy me the moon if I had need of it, but I don’t so he’s off the hook. 

So, we will probably celebrate Valentine’s Day the way we spend most days that we have the entire day together (which means we’ll “celebrate” on Friday or Saturday) – stay in bed a little longer, cook breakfast together, putter around the house or take a day trip, eat out or eat in, whichever works for us.

Sounds boring to the casual reader, but it’s a day together and we love it that way.

If it’s cold enough, we might stay in by the fire, watch old episodes of The West Wing, and fill up on homemade chili (recipe below) and cornbread.

Sounds like a good day to me, and one with no expectations and lots of love!

Yours for the celebration of marriage,


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One thought on “Let’s Just Eat Chili

  1. I love low-key dates. They put the focus on the relationship rather than on the event.

    One person’s idea of “boring” is another’s idea of comfort.

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