Posted in February 2008

Look Before You Leap

In honor of the first Walk/Don’t Walk sign installed in New York City on Leap Day (February 29) 1952, I am taking a walk, taking the rest of the day off, and suggest you do the same. Do something fun today. If it’s snowing, have a snowball fight or make a snowman or snow angel with … Continue reading

Loving Sunshine

All across the U.S. today we are seeing some of the worst winter weather we’ve seen all winter. From a big storm on the West coast to ice and snow in the East to rains and tornadoes in the South, we are reminded that winter is not over yet. Today is a great day to … Continue reading

No More Crabby, Complaining Wife

How did you do this weekend following the B-E-S-T Prescription? (See all parts of the prescription for a superb marriage in posts from last week.) While all the parts are to be done in tandem, my bigget success over the weekend was in sharing – specifically in sharing time together with my husband without complaining. … Continue reading

Passion and Purity

I am honored to have been asked to be a contributing author at Weekend Kindness. My first post, Purity in an Impure World, appears there today.   Please take a moment to read the post and find a new friend at Weekend Kindness. Yours for the celebration of marriage, Claudia Incredible books to strengthen your marriage … Continue reading

Claudia’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Now that you’ve got the basics of the B-E-S-T prescription for a suberb marriage, it’s time to relax a little and bake some cookies. In my book, no other food says love like chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. Perhaps you and your mate can do this together as one of your sharing activities this … Continue reading

B-E-S-T: Prescription for a Superb Marriage, T

Today we come to the last letter in the B-E-S-T prescription for marriage as prescribed by Dr. Ed Wheat in his time-honored book Love Life for Every Married Couple (Zondervan, Chapter 13). As you recall, or can read below, previous days have taught the importance of Blessing, Edifying, and Sharing in marriage or in any … Continue reading

B-E-S-T: Prescription for a Superb Marriage, B

This week I am exploring Dr. Ed Wheat’s “Prescription for a Superb Marriage” found in his book Love Life for Every Married Couple (Zondervan, Chapter 13). The prescription involves a practical course of action for husband and wife that is both uncomplicated and effective.  You will be able to remember it readily because it is … Continue reading